Thursday, January 4, 2018



HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you ad while the world remains precarious, where would we be without any stitch of hope that 2018 might be better than 2017...or at least, let's hope that things will not grow irrevocably worse!

Yet, for now, my words to you will be brief as I just wish for us to allow the hangover of the holiday season and certainly the on-going bed spins of the state of the world to be pushed into your respective backgrounds to just take a minute, or even a few seconds, to just embrace whatever you may have in your lives that makes your lives worth living, what makes every day that you are able to wake up a gift.

Be it family, parents, or children. Be it lovers or friends. Be it the unquestionable and unconditional bonds we may share with an animal companion.  Be it a location, ether physical or spiritual and for that matter, we can apply that concept to that of travel, if voyaging brings you peacefulness. Be it your career or your days in the school hallways. Be it anything, anyplace, anywhere. Just take those seconds, if that is all you can spare and think about what makes you feel complete in the world.

For me, what gives me solace is the sanctuary of home, where my family and cats provide me with the proverbial shelter from the storm. While my occupation in the real world does indeed create some of that storm that I do need to take shelter from, I can only imagine not having an occupation to grow weary of...and then, where would I be? I have my family, my cats, my parents, my friends and of course, my writing and my radio show, which of course leads me to the universe of music itself, the gift that I could not imagine my life without.

Take your seconds to think and once you have finished, take a deep breath to give yourself to this new year, grab your favorite music and...PLAY LOUD!!!!!!

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