Monday, July 31, 2017


July 1, 2017
"The Way You Used To Do" performed by Queens Of The Stone Age-WSPC PREMIERE
"Windows" performed by Utopia
"Dear Mr. Fantasy" (live) performed by Traffic
"The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" performed by Joni Mitchell
"Run" performed by Foo Fighters-WSPC PREMIERE

"Pretty Little Head" performed by Paul McCartney
"I Send A Message" performed by INXS
"How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us" performed by R.E.M.
"High Class Slim Came Floatin' In" performed by Tortoise
"Circle Sky" performed by The Monkees

July 2, 2017
Pink Floyd LIVE at Live8 2005

"Baby Driver" performed by KISS
"Bellbottoms" performed by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"Neat Neat Neat" performed by The Damned
"Debra" performed by Beck
"Brighton Rock" performed by Queen
"Baby Driver" performed by Simon & Garfunkel

July 3, 2017
"Goodbye Angel" performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers
"I Can't Feel Nothin'" performed by Captain Beyond
"Cabo Wabo" performed by Van Halen
"California" performed by Lenny Kravitz
"Don't Worry Baby" performed by The Beach Boys

"Tin Foil Hat" performed by Todd Rundgren with Donald Fagen-WSPC PREMIERE
"Yesterday Man" performed by Public Enemy-WSPC PREMIERE
"We Almost Lost Detroit" performed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
"Blue Limousine" performed by Apollonia 6

"She Gone Away" performed by Nine Inch Nails
"Klown Wit Da Nuclear Code" performed by Stew and The Negro Problem-WSPC PREMIERE

July 4, 2017
"4th Of July" performed by Aimee Mann
"4th Of July" performed by The Beach Boys
"Fourth Of July" performed by X
"4th Of July" performed by Soundgarden
"The Star Spangled Banner" performed by Jimi Hendrix

"America" performed by Prince and the Revolution
"Hang On In There" performed by John Legend and The Roots

July 5, 2017
"Million Miles Away" performed by Washed Out-WSPC PREMIERE
"Cecelia Ann" performed by Pixies
"Regret" performed by New Order
"Hitsville U.K." performed by The Clash
"Playground Love" performed by Air

July 6, 2017
"Love You Inside Out" performed by The Bee Gees
"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" performed by Hall & Oates
"West End Girls" performed by Pet Shop Boys
"Running In The Family" performed by Level 42
"Situation" performed by Yaz

July 7, 2017
"Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy" performed by Sammy Hagar
"My Kinda Lover" performed by Billy Squier
"Just Between You And Me" performed by April Wine

July 8, 2017
"Radio People" performed by Zapp
"On My Radio" performed by The Selector
"Boys On The Radio" performed by Hole
"Radio Head" performed by Talking Heads
"I Can't Live Without My Radio" performed by L.L. Cool J

"Maybe I Could Change" (live unreleased) performed by Todd Rundgren

July 10, 2017
"Are You Ready For The Summer?" performed by The "Meatballs" Kids Chorus
"Rain Bird" performed by Love and Rockets
"The Affiliated" performed by The Dukes Of Stratosphear
"Empty Bed" performed by Ryan Adams-WSPC PREMIERE
"Say Anything" performed by Aimee Mann

July 11, 2017
"Space Oddity" performed by David Bowie

"Smoking Gun" performed by Robert  Cray
"Tell The Truth" performed by Derek and the Dominoes
"Would I Lie To You?" performed by Eurythmics
"Miserable Lie" performed by The Smiths
"Lies" performed by The Black Keys
"Liar" performed by Three Dog Night
"2+2=5" performed by Radiohead

"Fix It" (live) performed by Ryan Adams and the Shining

July 12, 2017
"Morning Rain" performed by Fleetwood Mac
"Stormy Sky" performed by The Kinks
"Thunder And Lightning" performed by Phil Collins
"Summer And Lightning" performed by Electric Light Orchestra
"Lightning Strikes" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins

July 13, 2017
'How Many More Times" performed by Led Zeppelin
"Indiscipline" (live) performed by King Crimson
"The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution" performed by Frank Zappa
"The Prophet's Song" performed by Queen
"Water" (live) performed by The Who

"Less Than" performed by Nine Inch Nails-WSPC PREMIERE
"No Horses" performed by Garbage-WSPC PREMIERE

July 15, 2017
"Gimmie All Your Lovin'" performed by ZZ Top
"Photograph" performed by Def Leppard
"Magic" performed by The Cars
"She's A Beauty" performed by The Tubes
"Warrior" performed by Scandal featuring Patty Smyth
"(I Just) Died In Your Arms" performed by Cutting Crew

July 16, 2017
"Girlfriend In A Coma" performed by The Smiths
"Your Mother Is Not Crazy" performed by Stewart Copeland
"Alcoholic" performed by Fishbone
"It's Summertime" performed by The Flaming Lips
"Dreamville" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

July 17, 2017
"Swig" performed by Trophy Dad-WSPC PREMIERE

"Scissor Man" performed by XTC
"Make A Better Man" performed by Cody ChesnuTT-WSPC PREMIERE
"Find A Way" performed by Dwele
"Private Life" performed by Pretenders
"Go To Zero" performed by Power Station

July 18, 2017
"Sail On" performed by The Commodores

"Julia Dream" performed by Pink Floyd
"This Isn't The Place" performed by Nine Inch Nails-WSPC PREMIERE
"Saeta" performed by Miles Davis

July 19, 2017
"Night Song" performed by The Lemon Twigs
"Zen Archer" performed by Todd Rundgren
"Keep Yourself Alive" performed by Queen

July 20, 2017
"Wildflowers" performed by Tom Petty
"Your Latest Trick" performed by Dire Straits
"Children's Crusade" performed by Sting
"Faced To Face Me" performed by Skyline Sounds
"Wet Sand" performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

July 22, 2017
"Stumbleine" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
"Sea And Sand" performed by Pete Townshend
"Look At Me" performed by John Lennon
"Knights In Shining Karma" performed by XTC
"Destiny" performed by Lenny Kravitz

July 23, 2017
"Stalag 123" performed by Big Audio Dynamite
"Nicotine And Gravy" performed by Beck
"Errors" performed by Alfa Mist-WSPC PREMIERE
"Peace Of Mind" performed by Idris Muhammad
"Beachball" performed by R.E.M.

July 24, 2017
"Fanfare" (live) performed by Jonathan Wilson
"Cosmik Debris" (live) performed by Frank Zappa

"1999" performed by Prince
"Regatta De Blanc" (live 1979) performed by The Police
"Police On My Back" (live) performed by The Clash
"Chinese Rock" performed by The Ramones
"My Drug" performed by Love And Rockets

July 25, 2017
"The Chain" (live) performed by Reignwolf
"Gift Of Screws" performed by Lindsey Buckingham
"Nobody Knows" performed by Paul McCartney
"Blue Sky" performed by The Allman Brothers Band
"Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)" performed by Don Felder

July 27, 2017

all songs performed by The Rolling Stones
"Emotional Rescue"
"Play With Fire"
"Wild Horses"
"Rocks Off"

"It Ain't Fair" performed by The Roots with Bilal-WSPC PREMIERE

July 28, 2017
"Lose Face" performed by The Fixx
"Bring On The Dancing Horses" performed by Echo and the Bunneymen
"Friday I'm In Love" performed by The Cure
"People On The High Line" performed by New Order
"Making Flippy Floppy" performed by Talking Heads

"Cloud Riders" performed by Tori Amos-WSPC PREMIERE
"Daniel" performed by Elton John
"Cuddly Toy" performed by The Monkees
"New Song" performed by Howard Jones
"Summer Breeze" performed by The Isley Brothers

July 29, 2017

all songs performed by Rush
"Jacob's Ladder"
"Stick It Out"
"Force Ten"

"I'm Just A Bill" from "Schoolhouse Rock"

July 30, 2017
"Sunday Morning" performed by The Velvet Underground
"When We're Dancing Close And Slow" (live) performed by Prince with 3RDEYEGIRL

"The Dreaming"
"Big Stripey Lie"
"Mother Stands For Comfort"

July 31, 2017
"The Light Of Day" (live) performed by King Crimson

"NOT ANYMORE" performed by Nine Inch Nails-WSPC PREMIERE
"Flesh" performed by Earthman-WSPC PREMIERE
"The Noose" performed by A Perfect Circle
"Disintegration" performed by Ryuichi Sakamoto-WSPC PREMIERE
"Stand Inside Your Love" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins

Sunday, July 30, 2017


1. "My Wave" performed by Soundgarden
2. "J-Boy" performed by Phoenix
3. "This Is Love" performed by Tony Banks
4. "Sick Love" performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. "I'd Like To Say I Miss You" performed by Skyline Sounds
6. "Leave" performed by R.E.M.
7. "Who You Are" performed by Tears For Fears
8. "Love Nebula" performed by Kainalu
9. "Baby Driver" performed by KISS
10."Black Hole Sun" performed by Peter Frampton

1. "Glances Part 1"
2. "Dimensions"
3. "Time Staggers On"
4. "Don't Run Away"

1. "It Is Not Meant To Be" performed by Tame Impala
2. "We Exist" performed by Arcade Fire
3. "One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21" performed by The Flaming Lips
4. "Kidney Bingos" performed by Wire
5. "Rain Is Falling" performed by Electric Light Orchestra
6. "Revelation" performed by Jason Falkner
7. "I Know It's Over" performed by The Smiths
8. "Coming Home" performed by Fleetwood Mac
9. "In My World" performed by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie
10."The Devil's Eye" performed by The Go-Betweens


Released November 1978
"NIGHTMARES...and other tales from the vinyl jungle"
Released September 25, 1974
Released April 12, 1973
Released June 17, 2016


Released April 13, 1987
Released December 1974
Released June 23, 2017
Released October 11, 2013
Released July 13, 1973

Saturday, July 15, 2017



Earthman: All Vocals, Guitar, MIDIs, Programmed Percussion
Molly Hill: Keyboards
Liam McCarty: Drums, Percussion
Joseph Schreiber Poznik: Electronic Percussion
Christian Rasmussen: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bass Synth

Art by Ryan Cain
Photographed and Edited by Kate Nikles
Typography by Thomas Thurlow with assistance from Peter Thurlow

"Wild Is The Wind" music and lyrics by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington

All other music, lyrics, mixing and production by Earthman

Released May 25, 2017

When was the last time that you heard a piece of music that upended you? I mean--truly upended you?

Now..."upended" could mean a variety of things. Certainly, it could have been a piece of music that joyously, remarkably, spectacularly opened up your horizons, beautifully guiding you into a larger musical world that you may have previously not had thought possible or ever knew existed. I have had many of those moments within my life. But those moments are not quite what I am thinking of at this time. By "upended," I am talking about the type of music that challenges you, provokes you, perhaps even troubles, disturbs or maybe even frightens you as what you are hearing fully alters your perceptions about what music could possibly be, what it could and should sound like, how the notes in the music, the choice of words in the lyrics, the quality of the performances and production are combined and congealed in such a way where emotions are stirred and sometimes even birthed not existence, emotions that you have no rhyme or reason in defining. In essence you are untethered, lost in a foreign musical world and the effect could be unnerving to say the least.

For me, as a child I can remember songs by my beloved Beatles that seemed to just rub me in the wrong way. Songs like "Strawberry Fields Forever," for instance, where some of the notes, the sound of  John Lennon's voice and the disturbed dreamlike sound of George Martin's production  just sounded...wrong.  Or perhaps a track like "Helter Skelter," one where I loved its raw, rock and roll energy, but I did find myself racing to the record player to move the needle before Ringo Starr howled his bloodcurdling scream, "I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!!!!!" And do not let me started on the indescribable sound collage that is "Revolution #9." Of course, now I treasure all of those songs and sounds more than I could ever tell you. But back in my childhood, those were sounds I may have not been quite ready for...but if I was never exposed, how could I ever be ready?

Beyond The Beatles, I think of full albums like Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" (released October 12, 1979), an album so far away sonically from their previous album, the iconic classic that is "Rumours" (released February 4, 1977), that I just hated it and it took me nearly 20 years before I could appreciate and love it for the ahead-of-its-time masterpiece that it truly is. And then, there's Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (released November 30, 1979) and even Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral" (released March 8, 1994), two releases that completely terrified me, making me wonder if I was listening to something that may have been evil. And then, there's The Cure's "The Head On The Door" (released August 26, 1985)...that one gave me nightmares.

In all of those situations and passages during my musical development, I was upended. Completely, powerfully upended. I guess I felt like that image in Director Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" (2013), where Sandra Bullock is spiraling end over end into the vast, unforgiving blackness and bleakness of interstellar space. I was untethered, unable to find my bearings when I heard all of that music and it took some serious work to fully learn, understand, appreciate and in most cases love all of them (except that one Cure album--I just can't get into that one). I was the quintessential stranger in a strange land as far as my musical learnings were concerned, and being in a place so foreign can be initially terrifying sometimes.

I bring all of this up to you because I wanted to share with you a new 2017 release, as well as one from a local artist to Madison, WI, that has indeed upended me. Seriously, unquestionably upended me.

The artist is named Earthman, the alter ego of musician/songwriter/singer Thomas Thurlow, and just a couple of short months ago, the fruits of his intensely labored over musical endeavors were finally released to the world in the form of a debut EP entitled "Fire Night." Containing only 4 songs and running a mere 24 minutes in length, Earthman has delivered a deceptively small package that once opened reveals a dark doorway into uncharted territory for my ears. It is a work that confused me and yes, it did even frighten the point where I am unable to listen to the EP at night, due to completely irrational and obviously childlike fears of what might be unearthed should the sounds of the music make contact with the shadows on the wall and in the witching hour.

No, Earthman has not delivered a pseudo horror EP. But it is indeed one where when I was finished with that first full listen, the sounds of the subsequent silence were essentially all I could find myself able to handle as I needed to process about what the hell I had just experienced. How does one even begin to describe music that feels so indescribable? Well, I am going to try...and perhaps this will inspire you to take a deep dive into the unknown.

1. "Vampire"-"Fire Night" opens with a 7 minute plus suite in what feels to be 3 parts that begins in familiar territory but soon drops the floor out from underneath you. Enveloped by an insistently percolating electronic beat augmented with some sinister slide guitar, the pulse of "Vampires" simultaneously feels as if you are hunting something or someone while also eliciting a feeling of being caught and therefore trapped. Once Earthman sets the lyrical stage with his turbulent vocals, ("Please could you kill it," he pleads. "I can't look at it anymore.") the song already begins to feel like the walls are closing in.

After the surprising shifts in perspective from hunted to the titular presence ("don't you know it's you they're staring at"), a most ominous warning ("120 minutes from now we'll all know how it went down"), and rhythmic chants of "Oooooh blood sucker," the song abruptly transforms into a brief passage that would not sound out of place upon a Tangerine Dream album.

From here, we enter a disturbingly ethereal section presented via Earthman's striking falsetto and a downright groovy drum beat yet provides us with a landscape complete with ghost bike riders, baby tooth dealers all populating a domain where the day never comes and the repeated refrain (presented both forwards and backwards) "nightmares are all you get."

Through the looking glass indeed...and there's no way back.

2. "Flesh"-
Glacial synthesizers and a pensive, lonely piano sets the stage for the EP's second selection, a slinky, spooky ballad where Earthman eerily evokes the spirit of The Cure's mastermind Robert Smith.

"I dreamt your heart for fourteen nights
Still I know something isn't right
So give me an honest reaction tonight
Don’t give me an honest reaction tonight
or be the one thats from my dreams
Colored lights
Don’t tell me it quietly
Come on baby lie to me
I don't want to understand you tonight...

...But I saw you
kissing with your eyes open
but you saw me
kissing with my eyes open

nothings ever good enough ..." 

Again, as I listened to this track, I felt as if I had my bearings (albeit they were shaken up by the unsettling terror of "Vampire") as the woozy synthetics and minimalist electronic beats carried a certain familiarity but even so, it was how everything was combined that wove underneath my skin uneasily...especially in the song's final minute, which sounds like being propelled backwards underwater and into the maw of something unspeakable.

3. "Tidal Pools"-The third opens in place that feels to be entirely submerged. Earthman's vocals sounds nearly buried underneath the waves of sound yet they valiantly attempt to find some sense of escape, as aided by a lonely Bass Guitar which sounds as if it is scouring for a groove to lock into. And then, we find ourselves again traveling another vortex of backwards sonics, distorted vocals and a wall of dangerously eerie effects that leave you with truly nothing to hold onto.  

4. "Wild Is The Wind"-On this nearly seven and a half minute final track, Earthman engages his inner David Bowie as he boldly, bravely tackles the song the icon covered upon his own "Station To Station" (released January 23, 1976) and also with a dash of Bowie's "'Heroes'" thrown in for extra effect.

What we have with the Earthman version remains a torch song albeit one that sounds as if it has been explicitly pulled apart and pasted back together and sounds as if it is being performed in a bombed out European cafe of the mind. A piano tinkles and then fades. A Bass Guitar creeps along. Dissonant sounds ebb and flow. The full band picks up a pseudo bossa nova beat midway and barely keeps it stitched together. And through it all, Earthman's voice croons, whispers, pleads, aches, rises, falls, shrieks, screams and howls like a wounded Banshee until song's end, when there simply is no more.

On this first listen, Earthman's "Fire Night" felt to be a deep impenetrable dive into an aural nightmare world where music and even sound itself became elements that were just too frightening and dark to grasp fully. Like a fading dream, whether good or bad, these four songs presented soundscapes where the moment that you could feel as if you could latch onto a certain sound, tonality, melody, instrumentation or vocal, it would rapidly disappear leaving a fearsome new element in its place.

I am unable to stress to you enough how displaced I felt while listening to the EP as it was truly an amalgamation of the intentional, experimental, familiar and the vastly arcane all formulated into something I just could not recognize and again, it was a work that upended me. Imagine being in a deep pool of water with nothing to reach for. That is what "Fire Night" felt like.

With all of that being said, I would not be surprised if some to even many of you would be remarking to yourselves that based upon those written words, this just may not be the music you would wish to seek out. But, to that, I urge you to keep reading because I believe that for all of the uneasiness and occasional cacophony, Thomas Thurlow as Earthman quite possibly has tapped into something extremely powerful.

Returning to earlier in this posting where I mentioned the songs and albums that once frightened me that I now adore, I now ask of you to think of the songs, albums and artists that perhaps gave you the exact same feelings when you first heard or even saw them. Did you embrace David Bowie, for instance, when he first arrived onto the scene or when he further exploded into his Ziggy Stardust phase and all of his transformations afterwards--none of which were remotely "warm," so to speak?

In essence, I am speaking to the overall nature of art itself and its purpose to inspire and to even provoke as it is not the job of art to necessarily be comfortable. Art is designed to challenge, to force you to view the life experience through a completely different lens--essentially to shake and rattle the cages of your respective comfort zones. Of course, some things you will just not respond to, but when you do respond, the windows of your life have just been extended wider.

Regarding music, I have often lamented alongside Steve Manley, owner of Madison, WI's B-Side Records, that despite the great music that continues to be made every day, the innovation, the spark and energy that felt to be so prevalent during the '50's-'90's, and so euphorically throughout the '60's and '70's, where artists seemed to be re-inventing the musical wheel over and over again, just may have evaporated. Or better yet, the monolithic music business is such where someone who just might be re-inventing that musical wheel RIGHT NOW would never be heard.

I have no idea whatsoever if Thomas Thurlow is indeed that artist who has re-invented the wheel of music. But, I can say, and with absolutely no disrespect intended for my beloved Madison, WI bands including Post Social, Dash Hounds, Trophy Dad and others, Thurlow's Earthman has crafted a sound that is entirely unlike anything else that I have heard yet and it strongly feels to exist within its own universe.

In the real world, I have met Thomas Thurlow in person once and I have corresponded with him on-line here and there since. In all of our conversations, he has proven himself to be more then genuine and certainly, very excited about the musical possibilities at hand for himself and for the Madison music community. I also know that he is a careful and equally genuine artist as he spent over a year of his life crafting the four songs that make up "Fire Night," and to hear the EP, the time spent shows dramatically.

"Fire Night" is a meticulously arranged work that houses a production that is nothing less than crystalline and defiantly showcases that not even one sound is out of place. To my ears, Thurlow clearly knows what he is doing yet in our correspondence, he has questioned himself. He has expressed to me that he does indeed realize the difference between himself and his contemporaries and therefore, he has housed some bouts with his self-confidence as the "wrongness" of his material compared with others truly sets him apart.

That being said, I again feel that Thurlow is onto something, for he has allowed his creative spirit to guide him all the way through the writing, performing, recording and release of "Fire Night" to a fearless degree. Within that artistic inspiration and invention at hand and in my mind, I have since returned to his EP several times as I have made attempts to meet him where he is artistically and to try and find my way afterwards. While the effect of the EP remains tremendously unsettling, I am now wondering if what he has concocted is not really something sinister but in actuality, something .
innocent and therefore, more universal than it seems. And if only we gave it an honest chance, we could possibly discover that we, artist and listener, may have much tremendously in common.

Instead of being a soundtrack to a mental horrorshow, what if "Fire Night" is actually the sonic journey of a fragile, sensitive soul enduring some emotional upheaval, where we are gathering a front row seat to an individual caught in the throes of their most unhinged, untethered and upended state?  What if the EP is the sound of a broken heart and broken spirit lost in an extremely cold, cruel world? Instead of creating songs that can describe what certain emotions necessarily feel like, Earthman has delved further and deeper by capturing what certain emotional states might actually sound like!!

Try to think of times in which we have all faced some personal upheaval or tragedy and how our perceptions and outlook of the world around us are all transformed. What once seemed "normal," is not. Adjusting to a new "normal" can be daunting to the point of paralysis. The loss of a love, be it family, friend or lover, redefines devastation and maybe "Fire Night" is that sound of individual emotional and psychological desolation, in all of its unease, turbulence, presence of demons and encroaching darkness. And in some bizarre way, Earthman has harnessed something that should be impossible to capture.

Earthman's "Fire Night" is...well, even after all of these words, I am still not sure about what it is or could be or even quite precisely what I feel about it and truthfully, that is a good thing! Thomas Thurlow, through his intense creativity, has produced a work of art that has made feel uncomfortable to the degree that I have been challenged to re-think what music can actually be and if that is not something worth celebrating and promoting, then I do not know what is.

Trust me, dear readers and listeners, for I would not steer you wrong. I understand that for some, this may not be your cup of tea but I am gently urging you to head to the Earthman Bandcamp page to, at the very least, try out this music which certainly serves to be a forcefully thrown brick through the windows of our homogenized, plasticized, and rampantly uninspired musical landscape of 2017.

I know that I will undoubtedly be returning to Earthman's musical world very soon...but I still think that I can only do it during the light of day.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Another year, another WLHA Resurrection Reunion weekend has been accomplished! 

For the past four years after each event, I have written an extensive, play-by-play account of my involvement on the day I participated and in many ways, I don't feel the need to do so again at this time. Don't get me wrong, this particular change is not for any lack of excitement and love I harbored for the day and the weekend event as a whole. Oh no!! The day was as beautiful, warm and tremendous as they have always been and the longer we are able to have these events, the greater their importance and meaning to me. 

I felt that this time, perhaps I would allow the images and our set lists to do all of the talking, so to speak. What I am hoping for is that you can feel the warmth of the day just through the images and if you know any of the songs played either my myself, or Lisa "The Grue" Grueneberg or by Kelly Klaschus and her "House Of Klaschus" family members, which includes her husband and former 'LHA DJ Brian Klaschus and their teenage son Alex, perhaps you can listen to some of them as you gaze at the images. Sometimes, music and images are more effective than words...
SAVAGE SCOTT'S WLHA PLAYLIST 2017 8 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
1. "Good Morning" performed by Lenny Kravitz
2. "Watch The Sunrise" performed by Big Star
3. "Sunkissed" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
4. "Dreamboy" performed by Dash Hounds
5. "Dimensions" performed by Skyline Sounds
6. "Easy Money" performed by Johnny Marr
7. "Cheapskate" performed by Supergrass
8. "Caravan" performed by Utopia
9. "Heart Of Stone" performed by Dave Stewart
10.""Love Nebula" performed by Kainalu
11. "Let's Go Crazy" performed by Prince and the Revolution
12. "I Am What I Am" performed by Adrian Belew
13. "Arlandria" performed by Foo Fighters
14. "Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore" performed by Sloan
15. "Boys On The Radio" performed by Hole 
16. "Left Of The Dial" performed by The Replacements
17. "Candy (She's Not So Sweet)" performed by Disq
18. "Walk It Down" performed by Talking Heads
19. "D.J." performed by David Bowie

THE GRUE'S WLHA PLAYLIST 2017 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
1. "Down In The Cockpit" performed by XTC
2. "So It Goes" performed by Nick Lowe
3. "Down My Block" performed by Trip Shakespeare
4. "Hand In Glove" performed by The Smiths
5. "Let's Go To Bed" performed by The Cure
6. "Spanish Bombs" performed by The Clash
7. "Monkey Gone To Heaven" performed by Pixies
8. "Detachable Penis" performed by King Missile
9. "Alex Chilton" performed by The Replacements
10. "The Ballad Of El Goodo" performed by Big Star
11. "Vicious" performed by Lou Reed
12. "Who Loves The Sun" performed by The Velvet Underground
13."Lovers In A Dangerous Time" performed by Barenaked Ladies
14."Cannonball" performed by The Breeders
15."Laid" performed by James
16. "Close To Me" performed by The Cure
17. "Abdul and Cleopatra" performed by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
18. "Skyway" performed by The Replacements
19. "Rotating Head" performed by The (English) Beat
20. "Little Floater" performed by NRBQ
21. "Rock And Roll Lifestyle" performed by Cake
22. "Kiss Off" performed by Violent Femmes
23. "Riptide" performed by Vance Joy
24. "Cactus" performed by Pixies
25. "Hey Jealousy" performed by Gin Blossoms

1. "Girls And Boys" performed by Blur
2. "We Got The Power" performed by Gorillaz
3. "Higher Ground" performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. "Party At Ground Zero" performed by Fishbone
5. "These Important Years" performed by Husker Du
6. "Can't Hardly Wait" performed by The Replacements
7. "September" performed by Earth Wind and Fire
8. "25 Or 6 To 4" performed by Chicago
9. "Do The Funky Penguin" performed by RUFUS THOMAS
10.""Monkey Man" performed by The Specials
11. "Cooking Class/Skillet" performed by The Time
12. "Cherry Pie" performed by Pistol Pete
13. "Anotherloverholenyohead" performed by Prince and the Revolution
14. "She's Long Gone" performed by The Black Keys
15. "Love In A Minor Key" Welshly Arms
16. "Blowin' Steam" performed by OverServed Gentlemen
17. "Hong Kong Garden" performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees
18. "Army Of Me" performed by Bjork
19. "Scarred But Smarter" performed by Drivin' And Cryin'
20. "Mad Town" performed by The Other Kids

And there you have it...the full playlists representing 6 full hours of my friends and myself, representing our respective pasts while thoroughly enjoying each other and being able to get together once again in the present to celebrate the legacy of the very student radio station that originally brought us into each other's lives in the first place.

While it is admittedly a little odd that we are still the only WLHA veterans from or specific era in time to return to pay homage, I am really feeling more than a little protective and undeniably filled with pride that we are indeed the ones who will be the keepers of the flame, so to speak, until that day when more from our time should choose to join in the fun. But, should they not, and for however long WSUM allows these events to continue, I would be so honored if we could still come back and represent ourselves and all of those who were with us in those days, because for me, my four years at WLHA are truly some of the most treasured of my entire life, as well as being so very crucial to my college experience overall.
For being able to participate once again in this Resurrection Reunion weekend, my gratitude is as steadfast as it is bottomless to WLHA veterans and weekend masterminds Kevin Peckham and Kevin "Nivek" Ruppert,  plus the students and staff of WSUM for again negotiating, organizing, hosting and presenting this monumental event that truly celebrates the priceless and unbreakable bonds that were all forged through a shared love of music and radio as well as the incredible 70 year legacy of student radio on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. 

And for Kelly and her beautiful family, for Lisa, for Sue Grass (who was  not able to join us this year but we'll see you next year for certain), and to all of the WLHA veterans I met, am still connected with and will always remember from those four years in that musty smelling basement, I will love and treasure you for all days because our friendship and specialized tribe is unlike any other and I am honored to be in your company.

Year six??? Please????

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It's that time again for me, dear readers and listeners. The time when it all comes together so harmoniously. one week's time, I will return to my radio stomping grounds so to speak as the University of Wisconsin-Madison's exemplary college/community radio station WSUM-FM, will host the 5th annual WLHA Resurrection/Reunion Weekend event!!!!

This is an extremely important time for me as it allows me to not only visit the beautiful WSUM studios again, thus re-aligning the radio station that existed in my head during my college radio years between 1987-1991 and the realities the current crop of college students are graced with long after WLHA's end in 1993.

It is a time to reunite with friends made during the college years, meet a collective of like minded individuals who have traveled across the country to take part in this event, meet the current keepers of the flame and to finally, re-connect with a piece of my spirit that has existed ever since I was first captivated with the radio as a small child. It is an amazing day, the fun and significance of which is never lost upon me, even now as I am happily hosting a weekly program on WVMO FM, for there are no guarantees and believe me, I am more thankful for the opportunities and experiences that I have had in radio now than I ever have been in the past.

It's funny because whenever I have been on the air at any of those three radio stations, it is very easy to feel as if I am operating somewhat within a vacuum. Now, back when I was on WLHA, it probably was more like that as the wattage was so profoundly minuscule and it was difficult to hear the station in the first place. But now, with the broadcast towers and the wonders of internet technology and live streaming capabilities, the ability to heard worldwide is something that I am still finding myself becoming used to as it all seems to be so impossible. But, it is possible...rather,  more than possible, because it is happening!!

With that, there comes a new found responsibility with being on the air and finding a way to communicate to people that are not just within the boundaries of my city and state but much further beyond as well. To represent my city, my alma mater, the local station(s) with which I am aligned and of course, myself, hopefully, anyone that chooses to listen can hear the fun I am having but also an impression of what the music in Madison has to offer.

I want people from anywhere and everywhere in the world to hear all of us in Madison, from the DJs and the left of center stations to the musical artists that are continuously surprising me and fully enlivening our fair city and music itself. I hope that when I go on the air for my Savage Radio show and this weekend at WSUM, I am a good representative and I pledge and promise to do my best for the stations, the artists and the city.

For this month in Synesthesia, I am hoping to finally shed some light on some new local releases, all of which have impressed me tremendously and I sincerely hope that after reading, you will show these local artists and local heroes some love and exceedingly well deserved attention.

So...for now, I'll "sign off" as I again invite you to check me and my city out in the real world on WSUM 91.7 FM (on Sunday, July 9th beginning at 8 a.m.) as well as WVMO 98.7 FM (every Wednesday night from 7 p.m.-8 p.m.)...

...and remember to always PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!