Tuesday, December 12, 2017



I needed to have a night out.

Dear readers and listeners, while it is not typical for me to go out to many concerts and live shows, this year was certainly front-loaded with four wonderful events starring four treasured bands  and artists (Fishbone, The Flaming Lips, Aimee Mann, The Revolution), all of whom have created music and delivered performances that were wholly unforgettable. Despite going out to those shows, what I have missed this year were the opportunities to catch some local artists, and now friends, in action.

Throughout the late Spring, all of Summer and the beginnings of Autumn, my friends in the local Madison, WI based bands of Dash Hounds, Post Social, Trophy Dad, Slow Pulp and Squarewave, plus new friends in Wood Chickens, Thompson Springs, Disq, Kainalu and Skyline Sounds have all performed in one live event after another and for reasons due to my work schedule which clashes against their live performance schedules plus incorporating my fatigue from my aforementioned work schedule, I saw none of these bands for the bulk of this year. And in all honesty, I missed them.

Finding my way into the Madison music community over these last couple of years has been nothing less than wonderful and without any sense of over-exaggeration, meeting these individuals and having the opportunity to see them perform and witness their artistic process, seemingly in real time, have been absolutely re-invigorating to my passion for music. No, that passion had no chance of ever finding itself extinguished. But I cannot over-express what it meant (and still means) to me to hear music being created by a collective of serious artists with such unfiltered inspiration, skill, inventiveness and craftsmanship and who also all reside right here in and around my fair home base city of Madison, WI. Honestly, if more music lovers had any idea of what is happening around these parts...

Anyhow, and returning to this particular night, a night that arrived after an especially stressful work week which itself arrived on the heels of a series of stressful work weeks, I was more than ready to step out and enjoy some live music made my friends and acquaintances.
Billed as "A Night Of Madison Music," it was an evening of firsts as I ventured to the Williamson Magnetic Recording Company to see the local bands Disq and Squarewave--artists that I had not previously seen in a location that I was curious about and once I entered into the space, I was ready for a musical night of rare intimacy.

Williamson Magnetic Company, in addition to existing as a live music venue of that aforementioned rare intimacy, the location serves as a full analog recording studio, a photo of which appears at the very top of this posting. The space is  housed in the basement of a long running bakery on Williamson St.(affectionately known to all around the city as "Willy St."), an eccentric neighborhood as well as a busy thoroughfare on the east side of the city--in  fact, the very thoroughfare I travel almost every single day.

When I miraculously found a parking space directly across the street from the studio, just paces away from a local pet store I consistently frequent, I entered the building on this lightly cold night to find myself the first soul in the place, save for who I thought may have been one of the owners of the studio quietly setting up for the performances. I casually walked around the very tiny room, looking at the artifacts and instruments present.
Not terribly long after my arrival, people began to appear including Squarewave's Jeff Jagielo, a person while whose introspective demeanor precedes him, certainly ingratiated himself to me very warmly as we introduced ourselves to each other. He was soon followed by the band's keyboardist Andrew Rohn, even quieter than Jeff but no less kind and who seemed to be perfectly at home seated at the archaic organ which sat in one corner of the room, an area where he and Jeff quickly ran through some last minute song check-ups together before simply playing and playing softly as more people, from band members to patrons, arrived.
As Jagielo soon placed himself seated on the small stage and gave what I would assume to be a truncated soundcheck with just an acoustic guitar, the languid, tranquil yet atmospheric sonics weaved the perfect soundtrack for the arrivals and the beginnings of the evening's performances, which both the members of Squarewave and Disq foreshadowed as being more of a "subdued" quality--most likely due to the smallness of the actual space.
But how excited I was to see not only my musician friends like Alivia Kleinfeldt (Squarewave/Dash Hounds), Brendan Manley (Squarewave/Dash Hounds/Post Social/Disq) as well as Disq's Isaac de Broux-Sloane and Raina Bock, but also B-Side Records owner Steve Manley and his glowing wife Anita Sattel, former Bongo Video owner Nancy Streckert and even local singer Sally de Broux (Isaac's Mom). Their presence, plus the arrival of more individuals who eventually filled the room all the way to the small staircase leading to the outside door of the building, more than increased the warmth of the evening, room temperature and all.

Isaac de Broux-Sloane: Vocals, Guitar
Raina Bock: Bass Guitar
Zoe Dennis: Guitar, Keyboards
Brendan Manley: Drums
Evergreen Wildingway: Guitar

As the lights turned down, placing the room of the Williamson Magnetic Recording Company in near total darkness, the members of Disq took to the stage for the first set of the night.

Unlike the band's stellar, kaleidoscopic debut album entitled "Disq 1" (released July 11, 2016) on which the music was solely the work of the band's two official members, bassist Raina Bock and singer/multi-instrumentalist Isaac de Broux-Sloane, Disq on stage swelled to five members, beautifully appropriate considering the lushly deep layers of sound contained within the recorded music (an album de Broux-Sloane proclaimed that he spent 16 hours in this very studio creating the final mixes). 

On this night, Disq was in more than fine form and it made for a terrific introduction to the band as a live unit for me, even as promised, their set was of a  more subdued nature. Performing songs from their debut plus some exciting new material, I truly was impressed with hearing Isaac de Broux-Sloane's singing voice in such close proximity. While excellent upon the album I was indeed struck by the strength of his singing in this live setting--so clear, so full and rock steady. To that end, I was also thrilled to be able to bear witness to de Broux-Sloane's guitar heroics, which he displayed with equal parts flash and class, again always serving the needs and demands of the song itself and without any sense of ego.
Equally impressive was Raina Bock, who I was particularly interested in viewing as I just wanted the chance to see how she represented herself. Bock struck a certain pose of stoicism on stage, a visage that ran in full contrast to the smooth fluidity of her bass playing, a rumbling yet flowing musicality that stood out vibrantly in person as it was removed from the kaleidoscopic layering of Disq's album, while still serving as a certain emotional glue with in the songs themselves.

Again, Disq impressed me tremendously on a variety of levels. Yes, the band has the goods for the sole, simple reason that this is a band that has the songs and the overall skills to make their songs sing so gloriously. I do not wish to keep bringing up the young ages of the band members over and again as it may inadvertently suggest that there is a certain novelty to the band and that assumption would be demonstrably unfair.

But I do bring up their ages again (de Broux-Slone has just recently graduated from high school while Bock is involved in her Senior year) to signify the importance of having musicians that are so young and within the instant gratification era of the 21st century who have taken up the challenge of learning how to play instruments, write complete songs, perform and produce them all the while leaving ego at the door and serving themselves up to music itself. That level of purity instilled within their considerable talents is what has ingratiated Disq to me, their friends and fans and to those who are indeed decades older than themselves. Jeff Jagielo's warmly repeated comments of praise towards the band spoke volumes to me as they completely echoed my own impressions of what Disq has already accomplished.

And I would not be surprised if Jagielo's words echoed throughout the patrons of the night's event as well for Disq more than delivered the goods.

Patrick Connaughty:  Vocals, Guitars
Jeff Jagielo: Vocals, Guitars
Alivia Kleinfeldt: Bass Guitar
Brendan Manley: Drums
Andrew Rohn: Keyboards

After a short break, Squarewave took to the stage and truth be told, I needed to find a place to sit down as my legs were indeed finding themselves growing fatigued after the length of the day, and for that  matter, the week and the prior month! So, fixing myself a perch upon the stairs, I sat and allowed myself to get lost, so to speak.

While I am not terribly well versed in the fullness of the Squarewave history and discography, their most recent effort entitled "A Tighter Knot," released just last year, ended up as being one of my favorite albums of 2016. Their exquisite, multi-layered, densely dark psychedelia made for a listening experience that was profoundly transportive as it was th every type of album that alters your senses by being music whose allure comes from being entirely immersive. It is like sinking deeper and deeper into a warm bath...or a grim moat. The fact that the album was the work of only two individuals--Jeff Jagielo and Patrick Connaughty--was staggering as the overall sound of the album was so enveloping in its reach and scope.

Since the album's release, Squarewave has increased their official lineup to include former Modern Mod/now Dash Hounds members Alivia Kleinfeldt and Brendan Manly (clearly the hardest working young drummer in Madison) within their ranks. On a pure visual level, it was initially odd to witness the generational gap between the band members of Squarewave, a gap which possibly may hold a good 30 years between the teams of  Jagielo and Connaughty and Kleinfeldt and Manley. Yet, once the band began to play, the music created made for a perfect matching of musical sensibilities.
Anchored by the sublime vocals and guitar work of both Jagielo and Connaughty, Squarewave's performance was dynamically captivating, conjuring an overwhemingly enveloping spell that, as with the album, was transformative as it transcended its location, making me feel as if I had been delivered to a new frontier. With a sound that often felt like David Gilmour fronting The Velvet Underground performing variations of the track "Heroin," Squarewave's performance created a wealthy yet disturbing tonality of drones and atmospherics that would not have sounded out of place within David Lynch's cinematic universe.

With no intended disrespect given towards the venue, Squarewave's music was almost too big for the room of the Williamson Magnetic Recording Company. I say these words because to my ears, this music feels designed to meet the open air, the night skies, the stars and perhaps even the moon and cosmos itself. While not remotely bombastic, song after song simply boomed in its sonic beauty and cavernous power and again, I found myself so blissfully impressed with Kleinfeldt and Manley, two people that I am very fortunate to have had the chance to know a bit better over these last couple of years as the generators of their own material within their respective past and current bands.

Despite the age differences between all of the Squarewave band members, every single musical moment worked to perfection and in fact, the combination of these two distinct music forces from varying age groups beautifully displayed the links in the musical chains that do indeed connect the eras that exist within themselves as well as the Madison music community. Frankly, the music of Dash Hounds does not sound too far removed from the goings-on in Squarewave and vice versa, and hearing how they comfortably compliment each other is quite exciting indeed. Jeff Jagileo informed me afterwards that he hopes that writing and recording between all four members can occur this Winter, and for that I am extremely excited to hear whatever results from the sessions.
But before those sessions can even begin in earnest, meaning that any potential new music will not arrive for quite some time, I was just so very happy to have been in the spot I sat on this night. Of course, I was enraptured and enthralled with the music. But to be in such intimate surroundings with friends old and new, made for a night that I realized that I needed more than I may have originally thought.

As the night ended, I stepped out into the chilly night air on Williamson Street with Steve and Anita as we watched the four official members of Squarewave clear out their equipment and make plans to grab something to eat nearby. I can't explain it but the sight of those four, shy, introverted and enormously gifted artists in communion was somehow quite warming to witness, as warm as the feelings of friendship that I share with Steve and Anita an dot hers I shared this evening with.

I watched the members of Squarewave move on into the night just as I eventually did the same as I hopped across the street to my awaiting car, which was ready to deliver me back home with the music of the night still echoing in my spirit.
all photos by Scott Collins

Saturday, December 2, 2017



For the second time this year, I offer my apologies to my own blogsite for the lack of attention last month due to an increase in attention over at Savage Cinema as well as mounting life responsibilities.

While activities on both fronts are not set to decrease in December, I am hoping to give Synesthesia the proper attention it deserves, especially as the music year of 2017 brings itself to a close. And what a year it was as there was so much great music that there are albums that I never even had the time and opportunity to even write about at all.

So, if anything, and in addition to another posting I have in the hopper, I am hoping to announce my favorite music releases of the year this month. Perhaps some of my choices are the same as yours or they may inspire you to seek them out. Regardless, I sincerely wish that whatever you are listening to is something to keep your souls sated in these very dark times in the world, times where the power of music is needed more than ever for our own collective sense of sustainability, peacefulness and even as a call to action.

And so, to 2017, I bid farewell as it will soon fly into the cosmic dustbin and throughout this entire holiday season, I send you my well wishes and I can only hope that you will do the same in turn for me. For all of the music we listen to and are enraptured by, always remember to, of course,...

...PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


November 1, 2017
"Softly As In A Morning Sunrise" performed by Eric Dolphy and the Herbie Hancock Quartet

"Get Out Of Your Own Way" performed by U2-WSPC PREMIERE
"A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)" performed by Van Halen
"Just A Thought" performed by Gnarls Barkley
"And I Love Her" (live on David Letterman) performed by Broken Bells
"Starless" (live) performed by King Crimson

November 2, 2017
"Try Not To Breathe" performed by R.E.M.
"Mind" performed by Talking Heads
"Man Of Spells" performed by Tony Banks
"Love Is A Sign" performed by The Go-Betweens
"We Let The Stars Go" performed by Prefab Sprout
"All About Waiting" performed by Dhani Harrison-WSPC PREMIERE

November 3, 2017
"My Starter Won't Start This Mornin'" performed by Lightnin' Hopkins
"Fool No More" performed by Peter Green
"Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts" performed by Funkadelic

November 4, 2017
"Momentum" performed by Antonio Sanchez-WSPC PREMIERE

"What's On Your Mind?" performed by Ace Frehley
"Crystal Palace" performed by The Bible
"Blue Sky Mine (Food On The Table Mix)" performed by Midnight Oil
"Less Cities, More Moving People" performed by The Fixx
"Shadows In The Rain" (live) performed by The Police

November 5, 2017
"Immigrant Song" (live) performed by Led Zeppelin
"Elephants" (live) performed by Them Crooked Vultures
"Xanadu" performed by Rush

November 6, 2017
"Bad Boys For Life" performed by P. Diddy
"Open Letter To A Landlord" performed by Living Colour
"Pray To The Junkiemaker" performed by Fishbone

"Machines (Or Back To Humans)" performed by Queen
"What Artie Knows Part 1" performed by Planet P. Project
"Inca Roads" (live in Helsinki 1974) performed by Frank Zappa

November 7, 2017
"English Girls Approximately" performed by Ryan Adams
"When We Were Young" performed by Dolores O'Riordian
"Explode" performed by The Cardigans
"The Same December" performed by Prince
"Arrows" performed by Foo Fighters-WSPC PREMIERE

November 8, 2017
"Vicious" performed by Lou Reed
"Misty Mountain Hop" performed by Led Zeppelin
"Court And Spark" performed by Joni MItchell
"Satellites" performed by Rickie Lee Jones
"Motel Matches" performed by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

November 10, 2017
"The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" performed by Gordon Lightfoot
"Against The Wind" performed by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
"Cortez The Killer" performed by Neil Young
"There's No Way Out Of Here" performed by David Gilmour
"Crystal River" performed by Mudcrutch

November 11, 2017
"Royalty Capes" performed by De La Soul
"Don't Know Why" performed by Slowdive
"Love To Be Loved" performed by Peter Gabriel

November 12, 2017
"The Weight" performed by The Band with The Staple Singers
"Love Of The Common Man" performed by Todd Rundgren
"Maybe It's Imaginary" performed by Kirsty MacColl
"Lover's Prayer" performed by Otis Redding
"Linda, Linda" performed by The Blue Hearts

November 13, 2017
"Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)" performed by Tom Petty and the Heatbreakers
"Babyhead" performed by Fishbone
"The Goose" performed by Parliament
"By This River" performed by Brian Eno
"Like To Get To Know You" performed by Spanky and Our Gang

November 14, 2017
"Brooklyn Kids" performed by Pete Townshend
"Processional" performed by William Patrick Corgan-WSPC PREMIERE

November 16, 2017
"Tusk" performed by Fleetwood Mac
"Elephant" performed by Tame Impala
"Elephant Stone" performed by The Stone Roses
"L'Eelephant" performed by Tom Tom Club
"Effervescing Elephant" performed by Syd Barrett

November 17, 2017
"Healing Part 1" performed by Todd Rundgren

"Sexual Harassment In The Workplace" performed by Frank Zappa
"Republicans" performed by Frank Zappa
"Easy Meat" performed by Frank Zappa

November 18, 2017
JANUARY 6, 1953-NOVEMBER 18, 2017
all songs performed by AC/DC
"For Those About To Rock"
"It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll)"
"Night Prowler"
"Touch Too Much"
"Let There Be Rock"

November 19, 2017
"Brainwashed" performed by George Harrison
"Jesus Of Suburbia" performed by Green Day
"The Confessor" performed by Joe Walsh

November 20, 2017
"Where's The Line" performed by General Public
"She's My Hero" performed by Talib Kweli-WSPC PREMIERE
"Wonder" performed by Natalie Merchant
"You Can Still Change Your Mind" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"It's Magic" performed by Della Reese

November 22, 2017
APRIL 12, 1950-NOVEMBER 21, 2017
all songs performed by The Partridge Family
"I Think I Love You"
"I Woke Up In Love This Morning"
"You Are Always On My Mind"
"Echo Valley 2 6809"
"I Can Feel Your Heartbeat"

November 24, 2017
"Black Friday" performed by Steely Dan
"Layaway" performed by The Isley Brothers
"Shoppin' From A To Z" performed by Toni Basil
"Rockin' Shopping C enter" performed by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
"Low Budget" performed by The Kinks

"Outlaw Man" (live 1976) performed by Eagles
"Lover Of The Bayou" performed by Mudcrutch

November 25, 2017
"I Know You" performed by Sloan
"Sound Of Love" performed by James Iha
"Let Me Give the World To You" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
"Somebody's Miracle" performed by Liz Phair
"Rush Across The Road" performed by Joe Jackson

November 27, 2017

"Stone Free" (live at the Atlanta Pop Festival)
"Ezy Ryder" (live)

"Dream Brother" (live in  Chicago) performed by Jeff Buckley
"Sweetness  Follows" performed by R.E.M.
"One For The Mockingbird" performed by Cutting Crew
"I've Been In Love Before" performed by Cutting Crew
"Man Out Of Time" performed by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

November 28, 2017
"Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley" performed by Robert Palmer
"People Say" performed by The Meters
"Life Ain't Never Been Better Than It Is Now" performed by Lenny Kravitz
"Castles Made Of Sand" performed by Chaka Khan
"Love Hangover" performed by Diana Ross

November 30, 2017
"Wanna Be Startin' Something" performed by Michael Jackson
"November Sun" (original demo) performed by Susannah Hoffs
"Harvest Festival" performed by XTC
"Edith And The Kingpin" performed by Joni Mitchell
"Harvest For The World" performed by The Isley Brothers


1. "Somewhere Now" performed by Green Day
2. "Take Control" performed by Weezer
3. "Forbidden Fruit" performed by The Pursuit Of Happiness
4. "Stand Inside Your Love" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
5. "Things Behind The Sun" performed by Nick Drake
6. "No Quarter" (live) performed by Led Zeppelin
7. "Seasons" performed by Chris Cornell
8. "Sea Of Tranquility" performed by Book Of Love
9. "The Fall" performed by Electric Light Orchestra
10."Sirens" performed by Pearl Jam

1. "Reception/Getting Closer" performed by Paul McCartney and Wings
2. "I Should Have Known" performed by Aimee Mann
3. "Extraordinary" performed by Liz Phair
4. "Prime Time" performed by The Tubes
5. "On Your Radio" performed by Joe Jackson
6. "I Believe She's Lying" performed by Jon Brion
7. "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" performed by Elvis Costello and the Attractions
8. "Follow The Leader/The Answer Was You/Unkind" performed by Sloan
9. "Erase/Replace' performed by Foo Fighters
10."What's On Your Mind?" performed by Ace Frehley

WSUM-FM's DJ Nightway and WVMO's  Savage Scott
SAVAGE RADIO EPISODE #100!!! with special guest star WSUM-FM's DJ NIGHTWAY-NOVEMBER 15, 2017
1. "This Is Radio Clash" performed by The Clash
2. "Colors" performed by Beck
3. "The One Thing" performed by INXS
4. "Ti Amo" performed by Phoenix
5. "Smoke Detector" performed by Rilo Kiley
6. "The Way You Used To Do" performed by Queens Of The Stone Age
7. "Elevator Operator" performed by Courtney Barnett
8. "Little White Dove" performed by Jess Klein
9. "Star Collector" performed by The Monkees

1. "Peaches En Regalia" performed by Frank Zappa
2. "Custard Pie" performed by Led Zeppelin
3. "Church" performed by Lyle Lovett
4. "Hungry For You (J'aurais toujours faim de toi)" performed by The Police
5. "Maybe The Last Time" performed by JAMES BROWN
6. "Savoy Truffle" performed by The Beatles
7. "Candy" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
8. "Ham N' Eggs" performed by A Tribe Called Quest
9. "Burn Three Times" performed by Utopia
10."Wheels" performed by Stars Of Heaven
11."Grace" performed by Jeff Buckley


1. "What Is Life" performed by George Harrison
2. "Can't Stop The Music/Is It A Star" performed by Daryl Hall & John Oates
3. "Praying To The Aliens" performed by Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army
4. "Raise My Rent" performed by David Gilmour
5. "Within You, Without You" performed by The Beatles
6. "Cico Buff" performed by Cocteau Twins
7. "Message Is You" performed by Gary Myrick
8. "Love Don't Bother Me" performed by Tony Carey
9. "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie" performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers
10."Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" performed by George Harrison


Released March 1979
Released June 24, 2003
Released 2016
Released May 10, 2011
Released October 5, 1992
Released January 9, 2007
Released April 9, 2008
Released November 2, 1982
Released June 10, 2008
Released April 21, 1987
Released May 20, 2016

Friday, November 3, 2017



At this time, especially within a year so precariously on the edge, I am compelled to give thanks.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family, my wife, my parents, my cats--I only wish for their continued health and security, for the world would not be the same without any one of them, a reality that I know is forthcoming but for now, I am thankful to say that they are all remaining as strong as possible within my life.

With regards to the subject matter of this blogsite,  I remain forever thankful to music itself, the art form that has communicated with me so powerfully and beautifully for the entirety of my life ad it continues to sustain, soothe, and enrapture me ever still. May this feeling never leave me.

I give thanks to my dear friend Steve Manley, Dave Zero as well as the respective staff and proprietors of Madison's record store community which consists of B-Side Records, Mad City Music Exchange, Strictly Discs, and Sugar Shack. All of these people and places have allowed me to continue the journey of musical discoveries that I have loved so very much for so much of my life. None of these places exist as mere "stores" to me. These are establishments of community and connection that are essential to the sharing, exposure and even the survival of music itself. No hyperbole. It's simply the truth as I see and feel it.

I give thanks to the Chicago radio stations and DJs that were instrumental with my life long love of music combined with healthy fantasies of life on the other side of the radio speakers, fantasies that came true during my college radio years with WLHA-FM.

With that, I give thanks to Dave Black and the DJ staff and crew of Madison's WSUM-FM, the beautiful phoenix that rose valiantly from the ashes of WLHA, for all of their support and willingness to host the "WLHA Resurrection/Reunion Weekends" for five years running at this time. These glorious weekends have not only served as a means to return to the radio airwaves as an adult and to provide a link from the past to the present, while also acquainting myself with like-minded spirits who served as DJs long before the possibilities ever occurred themselves to me.

These weekends, so lovingly organized by 'LHA veterans Kevin Peckham and Kevin Ruppert, have afforded me, best of all, to re-connect with three extremely special women, all of whom I connected with due to our shared experiences at WLHA: Kelly Klaschus, Sue Grass and Lisa Grueneberg. So thankful and blessed am I to have found my life intertwined with theirs, initially forged through a love of music and radio. They are essential members of my personal tribe.

Speaking of which, I must give thanks to the local DJs that have, and will always, continue to inspire me, as they all weave radio spells that make me want to perform better and better. I salute "Freak Scene Radio" host Randy Ballwahn, "The Heavy Petting Zoo" host Grandma Cyd (whom I was thrilled to meet this year as she is quite lovely) and of course, "The Mixtape" host DJ Nightway (also, someone whom I just recently met and was just sent sky high in the process), as all of them continuously ensure that the world of radio remains creative, innovative, inviting, adventurous and inspirational.

And all of this gratitude leads me to give crucial, bottomless thanks to Lindsay Wood Davis and Tom Teuber (with whom I still need to grab that drink as he was behind the scenes of my radio development in more ways than I could have ever imagined) for allowing me to become a part of WVMO 98.7 FM-THE VOICE OF MONONA with my weekly show "Savage Radio," a program which is about to reach its 2nd anniversary on the air as well as its 100th episode.

There are no  guarantees to anything in life, especially second chances or opportunities. There was nothing written in the stars that suggested that I would have the chance to return to radio and with each episode I am able to deliver, my appreciation with being able to have the privilege of being a DJ is not lost upon me whatsoever. It has been nothing that was required to be given to me.

Opportunities presented themselves and thankfully, here I am as a member of this wonderful, low power, award winning radio station that has worldwide reach (still so unbelievable as the small-ness of the station always makes me feel that what I am doing is quite intimate and just presented to a few friends whom I know are tuning in). I am so thankful to be in the company of people like 'VMO DJs "British Invasion And Beyond" host Jim Gunderson, "Vintage Vinyl Hour" host David Cobb, "The Prog Rock Hour" host Fred Sperry, "Roulette" host DJ Dukemar and again, so many other like minded members of our distinctive tribe.

I give thanks to all of the live music venues around the city who have also worked heroically to bring another form of community and communion into reality and I also give thanks to the local artists that I have been able to meet and become befriended with over these few years. From Post Social, Dash Hounds, Disq, Kainalu, Trophy Dad, Wood Chickens, The Wilder Deitz Group, Squarewave, Bobby Hussy, David Poole, Skyline Sounds Thompson Springs, Slow Pulp, The German Art Students, Melkweed and even more, I salute ALL of you for the fearless, joyous purity of your work has made me fall in love with music all over again and again and again.

And most importantly, I am thankful for all of YOU. All of you who have visited this blogsite for three years, all of you who have listened to my radio show, all of you who just love the art and universe of music just as I do. If not for YOU, music would fade into the ether. If not for YOU...just as George Harrison once sang.

Continue to listen, to love, to appreciate, to celebrate...and as always...

PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


October 1, 2017
"October" performed by U2
"Juarez" performed by Tori Amos
"I Don't Remember" performed by Peter Gabriel
"Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)" performed by David Bowie
"Tokyo Storm Warning" performed by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

"Peace Of Mind" performed by Little Dragon with Faith Evans
"Vibin' Out" performed by Fkj
"State Of The Art" (live) performed by Jim James
"Sivad" performed by Miles Davis

October 2, 2017
Live Session 2017 with Esperanza Spalding
"Sexual Revolution" performed by Macy Gray
"Stop On By" performed by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
OCTOBER 20, 1950-OCTOBER 2, 2017
all songs performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers except where indicated
"It's Good To Be King" performed by Tom Petty
"Square One" performed by Tom Petty
"Something Good Coming"
"I Forgive It All" performed by Mudcrutch

October 3, 2017
"Needles And Pins" performed with Stevie Nicks
"The Apartment Song" performed by Tom Petty
"To Find A Friend" performed by Tom Petty
"Change Of Heart"
"It Ain't Nothin' To Me"
"Letting You Go"
"Scare Easy" performed by Mudcrutch
"U Get Me High"
"Tweeter and the Monkey Man" (live)

October 4, 2017
"Dreams Of Flying" performed by Mudcrutch
"Money Becomes King"
"The Golden Road" performed by Tom Petty
"Alright For Now" performed by Tom Petty
"Straight Into Darkness"
"Room At The Top"
"Wake Up Time" performed by Tom Petty

October 5, 2017
"Journey From Eden" performed by The Steve Miller Band
"Under The Skin" performed by Lindsey Buckingham
"Grey Seal" performed by Elton John
"Up All Night" performed by The Boomtown Rats
"Since I've Been Loving You" performed by Led Zeppelin

"Beverly Laurel" performed by Tame Impala
"Rhino Skin" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

October 8, 2017
"Blade Runner (Main Titles)" performed by Vangelis
"Memories Of Green" performed by Vangelis
"Tales Of The Future" performed by Vangelis
"Tears In The Rain" performed by Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer-WSPC PREMIERE

October 9, 2017

"Going Down On Love"
"Out The Blue"
"John Sinclair"
"Well Well Well"
"#9 Dream"
"Watching The Wheels"

October 10, 2017
"It's Good To Be King" (live) performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Amarinthe" (live) performed by The Smashing Pumpkins with James Iha
"In The Cage/The Cinema Show/...In That Quiet Earth/Slippermen/Afterglow" (live) performed by Genesis
"Peaches En Regalia" performed by Frank Zappa

October 13, 2017
"Weekend Woman" performed by Weezer-WSPC PREMIERE
"Running To Stand Still" (acoustic) performed by The Edge
"Driving Rain" performed by Paul McCartney
"Deep Wide And Tall" performed by Aztec Camera
"Here She Comes Again" performed by Chris Hillman-WSPC PREMIERE

"I Love You But I'm Lost" performed by Tears For Fears-WSPC PREMIERE
"John Carpenter's Halloween" performed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross-WSPC PREMIERE

October 14, 2017
"Sense Of Doubt/Moss Garden/Neukoln" performed by David Bowie

"Need You Tonight/Mediate" performed by INXS
"We'll Be Together" performed by Sting
"The Perfect Girl" performed by The Cure
"Pump Up The Volume" performed by MARRS
"Heart And Soul" performed by T'Pau

October 15, 2017
"Lost In Your Eyes" performed by Mudcrutch
"You" performed by The Rebels
"Long Distance Winner" performed by Buckingham Nicks

October 16, 2017
"Sins Of My Youth" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Hello It's Me" performed by Nazz
"Facing The Wind" performed by The Fixx
"Where Are We Going?" performed by Howard Jones
"Diamond Dust" performed by Jeff Beck

October 17, 2017
"The Doomed" performed by A Perfect Circle-WSPC PREMIERE

"Broken Anyway" performed by Ryan Adams-WSPC PREMIERE
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" performed by Pink Floyd

October 19, 2017
"Don't Do Me Like That" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Indian Summer" performed by Joe Walsh
"Midnite Cruiser" performed by Steely Dan
"Blue Motel Room" performed by Joni Mitchell
"Venus De Milo" performed by D'Angelo

October 20, 2017
all songs performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Rockin' Around (With You)"
"Billy The Kid"
'I Should Have Known It"
"Change The Locks"
"Peace In L.A."
"So You Want To Be A Rock N' Roll Star" (live)

October 21, 2017
"Daily Nightly" performed  by The Monkees
"Monica" performed by The Kinks
"Monica" performed by Tortoise
"I Wish I Knew How" performed by Nina Simone
"In The Hall Of The Mountain King" composed by Grieg

October 23, 2017
"Drive" performed by R.E.M.
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" performed by Donovan
"No Quarter" performed by Led Zeppelin
"New Grass" performed by Talk Talk
"Inside Job" performed by Pearl Jam

October 24, 2017
"Zombies" performed by Childish Gambino

"Thru The Eyes Of Ruby"
"Here Is No Why"
"By Starlight"

October 25, 2017
"Thriller" performed by Michael Jackson

"Halloweenhead" performed by Ryan Adams
"Burn The Witch" performed by Radiohead
"Ballad Of Dwight Fry" performed by Alice Cooper
"Witch Hunt" performed by Rush
"Asylum" performed by Supertramp

October 26, 2017
"The Punk And The Godfather" performed by The Who
"Meadows" performed by Joe Walsh
"Future Vision" performed by Jonathan Wilson
"Wait For Her" performed by Roger Waters-WSPC PREMIERE
"Beautiful Blue" performed by Mudcrutch

 October 27, 2017
"Automatic" performed by Prince
"Miss Understood" performed by The Family
"I'm In Love" performed by Bobby Womack
"I Forgot To Be Your Lover" performed by William Bell
"You've Got It Bad Girl" performed by Stevie Wonder

October 28, 2017
"Luna" performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"I Scare Myself" performed by Thomas Dolby
"Zombie" performed by The Cranberries
"Catwalk" performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees
"Evil Woman" performed by Electric Light Orchestra

October 29, 2017
"Somebody's Watching Me" performed by Rockwell
"Hard Woman" performed by Mick Jagger
"Girl On The Moon" performed by Foreigner
"Goodnight Moon" performed by Shivaree
"I Burn For You" (live) performed by Sting

October 30, 2017
 FEBRUARY 26, 1928-OCTOBER 24, 2017
"Blue Monday"
"I Hear You Knocking"
"The Fat Man" 
"Lady Madonna"
"Kansas City"
"It Keeps Raining"
"Let The Four Winds Blow"

October 31, 2017
"This Is Halloween" composed by Danny Elfman from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
"Glass And The Ghost Children" performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
"Bermuda Triangle" performed by Fleetwood Mac
"Drowning Witch" performed by Frank Zappa
"Everyday Is Halloween" performed by Ministry

Sunday, October 29, 2017


all songs performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
except where indicated
1. "Somewhere Under Heaven" performed by Tom Petty
2. "Listen To Her Heart"
3. "First Flight Of Freedom"
4. "Love Is A Long Road" performed by Tom Petty
5. "We Stand A Chance"
6. "It'll All Work Out"
7. "Echo"
8. "Here Comes My Girl"
9. "Two Gunslingers"
10."The Waiting"

1. "True Faith" performed by New Order
2. "Finest Worksong" performed by R.E.M.
3. "The Ledge" performed by The Replacements
4. "Spanish Eyes" performed by U2
5. "Panic" performed by The Smiths
6. "You're My Drug" performed by The Dukes Of Stratosphear
7. "Tiny Daggers" performed by INXS
8. "Holly Like Ivy" performed by Pete Townshend
9. "853-5937" performed by Squeeze
10."Hot Thing" performed by Prince
11."Armageddon it" performed by Def Leppard

1. "Everything In Its Right Place" performed by Radiohead
2. "The Mountain Will Fall" performed by DJ Shadow
3. ""Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car" performed by U2
4. "Airwaves" performed by Thomas Dolby
5. "The Dream Is Always The Same" performed by Tangerine Dream
6. "Hatfield 1980" performed by Everything But The Girl
7. "Evidence Of Autumn" performed by Genesis
8. "Kick It In" performed by Simple Minds
9. "Big Stripey Lie" performed by Kate Bush
10."Love" performed by The Dream Academy

1. "Scared" performed by John Lennon
2. "Ghosts" performed by Michael Jackson
3. "Blue Eyed Hexe" performed by Pixies
4. "Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)" performed by Oingo Boingo
5. "Halloween" performed by Kirsty MacColl
6. "Wicked Annabella" performed by The Kinks
7. "Dolly Dagger" performed by Jimi Hendrix (with the Ghetto Fighters)
8. "Tiny Demons" performed by Todd Rundgren
9. "We Are The Dead" performed by David Bowie
10."Almost Human" performed by KISS
11."Scarecrow People" performed by XTC
12."Season Of The Witch" performed by Donovan


This is an unprecedented time for Synesthesia as the death of Tom Petty has affected me even more deeply than I could have anticipated. So, for this month, and with very minor exceptions, the entirely of my listening this month has been the catalog of this treasured artist, including the following:

Released November 9, 1976
Released May 2, 1978
Released October 19, 1979
Released May 5, 1981
Released November 1, 1994
Released August 6, 1996
Released April 13, 1999
Released October 8, 2002
Released November 23, 2009
Released July 29, 2014