Saturday, February 3, 2018



...And the band played on.

More than enough has been said by me upon this site about the state f the world in the 21st century ad there is no need to run through it allover again. In stead, I just ask of you to take a few moments to think about the nature of the month of February in regards to both Valentine's Day and Black History Month.

Yes, Valentine's Day is essentially nothing more than a Hallmark holiday but even so, I do believe that to have a point in time to just take that moment to think about love, who we love and how we love is a great thing, especially as the speed of life only grows faster. With Black History Month, I am more in tune with the necessity of the month rather than aspects of the month that are indeed problematic for me, as the core is entirely about exploring, discovering, and maintaining a culture and therefore, our history as a people and how that history congeals with WORLD history.

Love. Culture. History.

All of those elements are a necessity for us to fully understand or past and how w e are able to continue marching into our collective futures. And furthermore, all of those elements are aligned perfectly into the music that we all cherish, the music that sustains us. the music that we become.

For this month, as you continue to listen, I invite you to really place the songs into the contexts of love, culture and history. Who knows? You just may hear everything in exciting new ways...

...and as always...PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!