Saturday, September 2, 2017



I have to begin with an apology for you.

Life certainly reared its most persistent head throughout the month of August as I essentially had no new significant postings to bring to you whatsoever. Now, if you have been following my on-line activities, you already know of Synesthesia's sister blogsite Savage Cinema, where I write film reviews. For the month of August, Savage Cinema kept pace as four reviews were written and posted whereas, nothing new was completed for Synesthesia, despite the playlists and an abbreviated version of the monthly "Savage Jukebox" feature.

To explain for you, when I write a film review, the process (generally) goes much faster and if I have ample time and opportunity, I am able to write and post a new review within a day or two from seeing the film in question. Essentially, I need to strike when the proverbial iron is hot and I really hate the times when, due to other responsibilities, I spend a week writing about one film. For music and my activities on Synesthesia

With Synesthesia, the process is much more laborious for me as I do still find it more difficult to write about music as compared to film. I feel the need to listen repeatedly. To perform on-line searches for lyrics if there are no lyrics included in the CD package. I guess what I am saying is that there is much more to my process when I am writing about music--a process during which I am often finding my way through the album all over again as I am writing about it. To make matters more difficult, I do most of my listening in my car as I am driving around and the very best ideas and thoughts I have often arrive then and there, of course, making it impossible for me to write them down to retain them fully, and forcing me to remember whatever little bits and pieces that I am able considerably later.

Also, if I am listening to quite a lot of newly released music, there is just no way my fingers can keep up with how much my ears are taking in. So, that is why I haven't written about many of my favorite albums of the year, including ones by Kendrick Lamar, Father John Misty as well as some terrific new releases from local Madison bands Trophy Dad and Kainalu.

Taking all of those elements in to consideration plus many life responsibilities taking precedent last month, essentially ALL music writings had to take a backseat, something I hope to remedy this month as even more major new music will be released (I am currently listening to the new LCD Soundsystem actually). As of this writing, I am within the final third of a long in progress posting I have been writing about the Madison band Skyline Sounds' latest album release and when I am finished with that one, I was thinking of doing a variation of the "Savage Jukebox" feature where maybe I can re-visit some of those albums I haven't written about plus some new ones and then, there will be some legitimate content for you to peruse.

Life is still extremely busy but I think something new w ill make its way to you in the very near future. So...until then, MUCH music is about to head our way. Keep listening and always remember to...PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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