Friday, May 5, 2017



As the band XTC sang and performed upon their blissful album "Nonsuch" released 25 years ago on April 27, 1992, "Books Are Burning."

Yes, dear readers and listeners, books are indeed burning, so to speak, as each day of our human history feels increasingly precarious as the ones holding the keys to the kingdom are all heartless rulers with an equally increasingly shocking sense of disregard for human decency and empathy. We don't need to get into every little and big thing that has happened. But, as I write on May 5, 2017, the dark clouds are not only swirling, they are growing heavier and darker.

In recent months upon my Savage Radio show, I have been ending each episode by saying the words, "Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other." This has been a purposeful move on my part to try and show some sense of solidarity without saying anything overtly political. I mean it with every piece of myself each and every time I say those words because I firmly believe that now, more than at any other time in recent years, we should be watching out for each other, for each other is all that we have, despite how conspiring forces attempt to tear us all apart.

In addition to showing the empathy and decency that our leaders refuse to elicit, I feel that we must continue to keep living as best as we are able and keep forging connections with each other to increase our collective bond. For the purposes of this blogsite, finding connections through music whether by going to record stores and concerts or just talking about and sharing what we have all been listening to is more paramount than it may seem.

Think about all of the connections you have made within your lives that have occurred solely through music. In fact, my first college roommate became instant friends entirely by sharing the same musical preferences, something that was witnessed and discovered when I first looked at his milk crate of CDs nearly 30 years ago when we first met in our dorm room. He and I remain friends to this day and it just amazes me of how easily it happened--he loved the music of Yes and Pink Floyd and so did I.

It was just that simple.

So, honestly, truthfully, no matter what happens, let's continue to take care of ourselves and take care of each other in whichever ways we are able in matters large and small. And hey, keep listening to the music, for music will never fail.

PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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