Saturday, July 2, 2016


I am truly stunned by the amount of negative press and reviews that "Roadies," the brand new and first television series from Writer/Director Cameron Crowe has been receiving.
Starring Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino and Imogen Poots, "Roadies" is a 10 episode series for Showtime that details the daily/nightly adventures of the behind the scenes crew during a major concert tour for the fictional Staton-House Band (which true to the spirit of the show's title is never seen performing). Criticisms for the show have already been harsh, ranging from comments about not really having fully developed characters who are differentiated from each other very well, to not really depicting or knowing what real world roadies actually do and finally, claims that Crowe's style is overly corn-pone--all criticisms that I vehemently disagree with.

Granted, only two episodes have aired but so far, I have fallen hard for this series as, to my perceptions, we have been given Cameron Crowe firmly within his element of character and not plot driven comedy/drama, his standard theme of maintaining a level of integrity in a world where such currency holds less value and all filtered through a conceptual level of idealism that is near devotional. Character development will obvious occur over the remaining eight episodes and furthermore, the series is not a documentary either. It is not a series of tortured anti-heroes, graphic violence and enveloping darkness. "Roadies," above all other qualities, is unquestionably and unrepentantly romantic series about a collective of individuals who have formulated a rag-tag family where their shared love of music sits at the core. For me, that is the element that made a direct hit to my heart, because what else is the love of music but romantic?
I am writing about this series because this month, I will be participating in the 4th annual WLHA Resurrection/Reunion weekend as hosted and broadcasted upon WSUM-FM during the weekend of July 9th-July 11th. I am scheduled once again to take to the airwaves on Sunday, alomgside my friends and DJ compatriots, Kelly Klaschus, Sue Grass and Lisa Gruneberg otherwise known as "The Grue" for a full five hours and I am so anxious to return to the fully upgraded locale of my first radio home.

By attending this weekend once again, and now in addition to my weekly Savage Radio program for WVMO-FM, I am reflecting upon all of the people that I have met, collaborated and have become and remained friends with over the years solely through something so pure, simple and yes, as romantic as a shared love for music that is indeed nothing less than devotional. I think of the people I otherwise would never had known if not for a desire to take the music that has meant the most to us and to share and play it over the radio airwaves for anyone who chose to listen.

To me, that is a beautiful thing, utilizing music as a connective tissue to other like minded people regardless of our respective stations in life, as well as race, age and gender. And furthermore, it is nothing less than a blessing to have become a part of something that is so much bigger than any one individual, something that (in the case of WLHA) possesses a vast history and something (in the case of WVMO) is in its infancy and we are all able to help grow its history and legacy, which I deeply hope becomes triumphantly long lasting.

I would like to think that every single DJ, whether from WLHA, WSUM, WVMO or anywhere else around the world (and that includes the fantasy radio station of WSPC), feels as I do about the communal spirit that arrives through the radio airwaves everytime we listen or spin one more song with the hopes of establishing a connection. That incredibly romantic feeling that arrives when messages are sent and received musically, signifying a shared language we can use to communicate with each other. These observations, somewhat lost on me when I was younger, are paramount to me now and I sincerely hope that every radio show is an enjoyable, entertaining one where the fun and love that I am having is evident because I am wanting for you to have the same amount of fun as well.

When I watch "Roadies," that devotional love that Cameron Crowe possesses for his characters and the music that moves and motivates them, as well as himself, performs exactly the same feats as the very best of radio's and music's influence within my life, and I am certain, your lives as well. If you haven't watched the series, I urge you to give it an honest chance. If you are so inclined, I sincerely hope that you tune into any of the radio stations listed with this posting to gather exactly what I am writing about.

And if you can feel that sense of devotional love, then show me by turning everything up because that kind of love deserves to be shared. So...

...PLAY LOUD!!!!!

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