Wednesday, March 2, 2016



The previous two months have truly been mournful ones, dear readers and listeners. I certainly do not have to recount all of the losses. While this has indeed proven itself to be a process, it has been a most necessary one and truthfully, it has been a process that has only continued to reveal to me just how brilliant and beautiful of an experience David Bowie's "Blackstar" truly is and I am thankful for the time I have needed to live with the release and experience all emotions with it, from joy to sadness to awestruck. But now, I am ready for the new. The newness of the seasons and the newness of the music that will accompany the rising warmth in the air and the longer hours of light.
From witnessing the end of Madison's very own Modern Mod back in January, I found some new musical beginnings for me to explore courtesy of Guitarist Henry Stoehr. Through this musician and Modern Mod's farewell concert, I am now finding myself very intrigued and excited with the music of two more young Madison bands, Trophy Dad and Barbara Hans (pictured above courtesy of SCOTIFY).

This month, I am hoping to give you the much needed scoop on recent releases from both bands and with new releases from Esperanza Spalding and a posthumous new release from Jeff Buckley on the horizon, my musical spirit is anxious awaiting for a new freshness to hit my senses. I am also excited to see the band Tortoise in concert for the very first time in about a week. And adding in my activities with Savage Radio upon WVMO-The Voice Of Monona 98.7 FM, things are mighty exciting indeed!

Stay tuned and turned on to Synesthesia and remember that for whatever you are listening to and/or creating, always...

...PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!

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